The Tooth Fairy's First Visit

Just one week after Caleigh got a clean bill of health at her dentist appointment, she lost her first tooth. Tuesday night (3/25), right at bedtime Eric wiggled it free. 

I wasn't in the room. I don't do teeth. I can change a g-button, clean up puke, short bowel emergencies and any of the other standard mom duties, but teeth I just can't stomach. Eric and I made a deal that teeth are his department and so far it's working. 

Last summer I crocheted Caleigh this tooth pillow. Kids start to lose their teeth around 5-7 years old. So I wanted to be ready. We sat the tooth on top and the tooth fairy left her a dollar all in quarters.

Caleigh told me the next morning that she wasn't surprised by the dollar. We have been discussing the going rate for awhile now. She's pleased and ready to pull more teeth. 

We've also been talking about the fact that the tooth fairy is really a fairy. This was probably the most exciting part for Caleigh. The tooth fairy has been circling our neighborhood for about a week so that she didn't miss Caleigh's tooth.  

The remaining bottom tooth is following closely behind its brother. Her top two are also loose. It won't be long now. 

I know I will get used to the new look, but right now I panic a little each time I glance at her sweet smile. 

Nighttime Diapering Tips for the Heavy Wetter

Figuring out a good nighttime diapering routine has been a long journey. Caleigh is a heavy wetter. With her tube feed ending around midnight, it's no surprise that she has to go. Years of laundry and showers have kept us busy in the mornings. Until now....

Caleigh has been sleeping through the night. Did you read that right? Yes, sleeping All. Night. Long. I believe that her newly found sleep has to do with our diapering routine. So I want to share it with you in case we aren't alone here.

1) Under pads - We've been using these for years. You can find them with wings to tuck in or without. For us the under pads with wings just work better. They are easily washable and they have saved me from washing all of Caleigh's bedding on numerous occasions. I prefer the cotton version to the paper chux. They are softer on the skin and they don't bunch up with wiggling.

2) Waterproof Mattress Cover - This is self explanatory really. Everyone should have a mattress cover on their bed. It's more hygienic and if you ever want to donate your used mattress, which you should, then it will be clean to give away. I don't even want to think about what this mattress would look like without this in place. We do use the paper chux under the fitted sheet before the mattress cover.

3) Diapers in the Right Size - For the longest time I held onto the size 6 diapers that our home health company delivered. I wasn't ready to make the move to the youth smalls. With this last growth spurt, I knew that we had to. I have a love hate relationship with this diapers. They are grown up white without cute characters. When I opened the package I actually had a very emotional reaction to them and it wasn't good.

These diapers have four tabs which makes standing diaper changes very difficult. I'm looking at different brands that are more of a pull-up with tabbed sides as well. I'll find the right kind soon. For now, these are the right size and that matters when it comes to leaks.  

4) Incontinence Pads - These pads were accidentally sent to us by our home health company. They worked so real that we asked to keep them coming. Caleigh is a tummy sleeper. For years if she did sleep through the night, she would wake up wet all the way up her chest. By placing these super absorbent pads in the diaper, it keeps that wetness off of her belly and chest. The diaper doesn't leak. Less laundry and less showers. I love these and I'm pretty sure they are the main reason behind Caleigh's new sleep pattern. It was such a simple solution to add more absorbancy. Simple is sometimes right under your nose.

We may be in a good spot followed by a few months of up and down nights, but for now we are sleeping. Renn has even joined us in sleeping through the night!

What are your tips and tricks for your heavy nighttime wetter?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

From a girl who definitely loves the color.....

....we hope you had a day filled with all things fun and green!