Garden Fairy Halloween

This year Caleigh wanted to a fairy for Halloween... again. A different kind of fairy of course. 

I tried to go the Tinkerbell route with no luck. I tried the generic pink fairy at Target and got a resounding no. So I started brainstorming and decided to do some craft store shopping. 

Caleigh and I made it to Hobby Lobby where I spent a ridiculous amount of money because my daughter enjoys green flowers and not the fall decor that was currently 40% off. She may end up being the exact same fairy next year. 

Three hours on the floor with a hot glue gun and we had a garden fairy costume. 

These photos were taken at Caleigh's homeschool costume party at the park. She had a good time swinging, being a garden fairy and hanging out with new friends. 

Tonight Caleigh will be dressing up again, taming the curly mane a little bit better and heading out to Trick-or-Treat with friends. It's good to be a fairy. 

The Tooth Fairy & Taylor Swift

Today was a good Monday. It all started off last night with Eric pulling Caleigh's front tooth while she was swimming. Yes... In. The. Pool. People. 

Again, I don't do teeth so I wasn't in the vicinity of the action.

I'm told it went smoothly. I'll take Eric's word for it. 

Caleigh woke up this morning to three missing teeth and $2.00 cash. She was stoked. 

Polaroid Land Camera 440, Fuji FP-100c, tooth fairy and Taylor Swift 1989 via Caleigh's Corner 

What more could a seven year old girl want today? 

Ah yes, the new Taylor Swift album 1989. 

On our way to OT this afternoon we dropped by Target and bought the deluxe fancy schmancy version of the album and listened to the first three songs before we made it to our destination. The rest of the album was devoured on the way home and is now on repeat as I type. 

Caleigh let me play with my new Polaroid Land Camera this afternoon. I'm kinda in love with it. Shooting film makes me super happy. Caleigh's a great model, but getting an image that isn't blurry takes some major patience and several sheets of film. Dystonia just loves the camera. 

I'm off to eat dinner and Shake It Off...

A Partial Solar Eclipse to Remember

On Friday we made the standard pinhole viewing box to be able to see the partial solar eclipse without actually seeing the solar eclipse. The whole time I was making the box I kept thinking about the warnings that came with this type of behavior as a child. The whole "you'll go blind if you look at the eclipse bit." 

Low and behold it was bright out and even more shocking I may have glanced in the sun's direction without in fact going blind. It was an accident...I swear.

The box worked! This wasn't a Pinterest fail, but an actual case of a tiny sun dot on the inside of our box experiencing a partial eclipse. 

So tiny.

We weaved and bobbed around to get the best view and finally the sun was conveniently hiding behind our neighbor's tree. 

From a quick Google search, I can tell you that we will be standing outside checking out the next solar eclipse on August 17, 2017 but we may catch a lunar eclipse or two between now and then if we aren't sleeping.