A Partial Solar Eclipse to Remember

On Friday we made the standard pinhole viewing box to be able to see the partial solar eclipse without actually seeing the solar eclipse. The whole time I was making the box I kept thinking about the warnings that came with this type of behavior as a child. The whole "you'll go blind if you look at the eclipse bit." 

Low and behold it was bright out and even more shocking I may have glanced in the sun's direction without in fact going blind. It was an accident...I swear.

The box worked! This wasn't a Pinterest fail, but an actual case of a tiny sun dot on the inside of our box experiencing a partial eclipse. 

So tiny.

We weaved and bobbed around to get the best view and finally the sun was conveniently hiding behind our neighbor's tree. 

From a quick Google search, I can tell you that we will be standing outside checking out the next solar eclipse on August 17, 2017 but we may catch a lunar eclipse or two between now and then if we aren't sleeping. 

Caleigh's First Purchase - Minnetonka Boots

Caleigh has been stocking up her birthday and Christmas money for years. She has always refused to actually want anything bad enough to spend her own dough. Being the only child she can basically wait us out.

AKA - - Spoiled. 

This all changed when the weather got cooler and we talked about how she had outgrown her Toms boots. Since she wears her AFOs most of the time anyways, I didn't think anything of it. Her Toms had been the exact size of her feet. Caleigh on the other hand, was determined to get a new pair of boots. 

We started by doing some online shopping with me making no promises about finding boots that would actually fit over her AFOs. We were window/laptop shopping. 

Caleigh halted all searching when we came across the Minnetonka 3-layer Fringe boots in purple.

She was sold. 

So instead of caving into our want for nothing girl I told her she would have to wait and put them on her Christmas list or use her own money to buy them. Without hesitation she agreed to spend her cash. 

We loaded up that day (spoiled) and went to Nordtrom where the sales woman was completely patient and kind while Caleigh really thought about her purchase before hitting the yes button on her iPad. She really thought about it, wanted to try them on again, wanted to feel them.

It took awhile. 

Finally she made the decision to buy. This kid was on cloud nine. 

They really are the best boots for AFOs I've seen. They zipper all the way up and totally hide her AFOs. They don't have fuzzy fur inside which is wonderful because Caleigh is a hot box at all times. They have great grippy soles which means I don't have to strap her feet into her chairs. They come in black and brown, but Caleigh refused to even acknowledge the other choices. Purple all the way. 

This weekend we went to After Dark in the Park. This is our second or third year... I've lost count. It was finally cool enough outside so Caleigh wore her purple boots for the first time. 

This year Caleigh got a green dragonfly painted on her cheek, a balloon flower and a pumpkin out of the patch to decorate. While we hung out we had the pleasure of hearing "Let it Go," sung by numerous little girls on karaoke, no less than a dozen times in a row with one rendition of "Shake it Off" thrown in there for good measure. 

We had a lot of fun and plan on making it back to the festival again next year. Hopefully we will be able to do so while a certain someone wears her fabulously broken in purple boots. 

The Island of Capri

By homeschooling Caleigh we get to cover some really great content, and this past week was no different. 

Caleigh and I wrapped up Red Sails to Capri. I love that I'm getting to read all the books that my schooling didn't offer. I love that I am enjoying reading for really the first time in my life. Reading used to be a way to study for the next test. Now it is fun.

Red Sails to Capri is a Newberry Medal Award Winning novel written in the 50's about the Island of Capri and its infamous cove. Caleigh got the humor, the anticipation and the mystery of the story. Each day she would tell me that she was excited and nervous after each chapter. It really is a classic that shouldn't be missed. 

Spoiler alert....

The best part of the novel is that this place actually exists! It's blue, gorgeous and just as the story describes. We had a lot of fun watching YouTube videos and looking up information on Capri and its grotto. Caleigh said she would love to visit Capri someday and I don't blame her one bit. Sign us up!